Meet Hadley, Nathan, & Hollyn

We are honored to introduce you to these three awesome kiddos who live in the Houston, Texas area and shout love for them all month long!

We invite you to watch their story, listen to our interview with the parents on our podcast, and support these families through a purchase from our shop!


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We’re excited to introduce you to the families of three awesome kiddos from the Houston area: Hadley, Nathan, and Hollyn! Hadley and Hollyn are sisters and they find strength in facing their medical journey together along with their cousin, Nathan.

In this episode, Josh chats with both sets of parents including Nathan’s parents, Johnathon and Michelle, along with Hadley and Hollyn’s parents, Josh and Devon.

You’ll hear the story of each child’s diagnosis and learn of a special family friend who nominated Hadley as a featured Go Shout Love kiddo while on her own medical journey. You’ll also learn about the inspiration behind this month’s “Enjoy the magic of being alive” t-shirt design.



In this bonus episode, Jessica sits down with Devon (Hadley & Hollyn’s mom) & Michelle (Nathan’s mom) for a special chat on what it means to find support by journeying together through difficult seasons.

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